Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travel Notes: Sitting in Santorini

After such an active first full day in Santorini, we spent the next two days pretty inactive by the pool at our hostel.

There was a lot of eating of supermarket food and leftovers out of cans, plastic bags, takeout boxes and aluminum foil, which explains why I didn't feel too motivated to post much this week.

I do have corresponding photos for EVERYTHING I eat, so I'll put those up later. That way you can see just how low Pris and I sunk in the name of frugality.

"We reach new levels of poverty everyday." - Pris, scraping the remnants of stored honey from her ziploc baggie for her yogurt one morning.

The only times we strayed from our beloved home at Stelio's:

1. To restock at one of the several markets just down the street.

There was one night of takeout too, which included some amazing grilled calamari that we split (only 3.5 euro!)

2. To check if any of the travel agencies were open yet to book our ferry to Crete. We ended up not being able to leave until 5:45 p.m. Tuesday.

3. To purchase a loaf of whole wheat bread from an old Greek woman at the 24-hour bakery.

4. To go for a solo super long walk on the beach and through the town at Perissa Beach to see the famous church and get a closer look at the cliff walls.

5. To head to the port our last day to catch the "flying cat" to Crete. Lunch/dinner was a pasticio (Like lasagna. Minced beef. Tomato sauce. LOTS of cheese.) at a seaside cafe. Nothing to write home about...although I guess I just did.

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