Friday, October 30, 2009

So Full on the Farm

After all these days on the farm(feels like an eternity already!), I am surprised I haven't devoted more energy to recording the food here.

The cook Alessia is a sweet young woman in her early twenties. She'd rather be caring for the donkey, chickens and dogs on the land but somehow got stuck with the role of head chef. The food is at times mediocre at best but sometimes spectacular.

I certainly have not gone hungry though! Mom would be relieved.

We eat all our meals together in the dining hall or at an outdoor picnic table overlooking the sea when we're at the groves.

A basic list of the meals here thus far:

1. Breakfast

Self service and the same every morning

Giant helping of yogurt
Corn flakes
Classic American white bread toast (that's what it says on the package)
Variety of homemade preserves (apple, pear, citrus, chestnut, tomato, plum, etc)
Honey (made on the premises and put on EVERYTHING)
Cafe and tea

2. Lunch

Best meal of the day usually (olive oil drizzled and parmesan sprinkled on EVERYTHING)

French bread and focaccia
Pasta with pancetta tomato sauce
Sandwiches of salami, ham, mortadella, mozzarella, goat cheese, pecorino
Tuna onion salad
Tuna, egg rice
Pork with potatoes
Dinner leftovers
Bitter greens
Red wine
Sparkling water
Apples and grapefruit (picked near the olive groves)

3. Dinner

More bread...more olive oil...more parmesan

Lentil soup
Chickpea soup
Minestrone soup
Meatloaf with hardboiled eggs cooked in
Bitter greens
Bitter greens
More bitter greens
Sausage (thanks to me!!!)
Cheese salad with fresh thyme(what an awesome idea...I could eat cheese salad every day. It's basically mozzarella and parmesan with tons of olive oil and herbs)
Red wine (lots of it)
Sparkling water
Sparkling white wine during celebratory moments (which happens surprisingly often)
Tiramisu every now and then

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  1. I NEED THESE MEALS... all of them.

    - nando