Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Apu Moment

Oh no.

While sitting here on the plane writing that last post on plane food, I just experienced a serious Apu moment. I was just tempted to steal the leftover little packet of strawberry jam from the rich older Italian lady sitting next to me. She has Louis Vuitton luggage and that perfectly coiffed news anchor kind of hair (Lauren, like our 5th grade homeroom teacher. Mrs. Holden?).

Anyway, they served us breakfast, which, of course, came with the roll. Pris and I have been spending .10-.30 euro on those little jam packets all throughout Greece (we spent a lot of time at supermarkets). And that woman was just going to let it go to waste! The butter too!

It would have gone really well with the loaf of bread I have hiding in my backpack.

I'm not kidding. My bad habit of food scavenging has gone to a new extreme. I wish Pris were here to be my partner in crime; she could be Aladdin!

Strike that. It WILL go really well with my bread...I totally just swiped it. Please don't judge me.

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