Sunday, October 11, 2009

Travel notes: Athens

We arrived yesterday afternoon, and have had an amazing time with good food and tons of wandering around this city mildly lost:

1. Took us about an hour to locate each other at the airport. It was like going back in time before cell phones.

2. Staying at Dioskouros hostel right outside of the Temple of Zeus and arch of Hadrian (which Pris originally thought was a billboard...crazy how you just stumble upon ancient artifacts EVERYWHERE in this town though).

3. Explored the Plaka and split a tasty pork souvlaki and carafe of red for dinner.

4.Spent the entire first morning at the acropolis. Mistook every building with columns for the Parthenon on the way much for years of art history education. Caryatid porch on the Erechtheion was our fave. Damn Elgin and his marbles though.

5. Got Pris extremely lost trying to find the flea market and found ancient agora, church of apostles, museum of atalos, palace of giants and temple of hephaestos instead. Upon later inspection, discovered that we walked right by the market. Oops.

6. Lunch was at this sweet outdoor cafe on a hill (all the tables were on steps) and consisted of a sample mezze plate: meatballs, sausage in a red pepper/onion sauce, dill potato salad, fried cheese, super fresh tomato/cuc salad. 5 euro.

7. Snack time at a pastry shop on the way home: super sweet little baklava type treats.

8. Had what we imagine is equivalent to Greek Burger King for dinner: spinach pie and ham/cheese pastry (4.35 euro total) plus bottle of 3.5 euro red local wine. Enjoyed the view of Hadrian's arch from sketchy bench.

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