Friday, October 30, 2009

In Case You're Ever at an Italian-Themed Trivia Night...

When we go to the olive groves, it takes up to just over an hour one way when we hit traffic -- and especially when Gijo is driving.

That leaves a lot of time to learn some good Italian fun facts from my fellow passengers. Here are a few from yesterday:

1. Did you know that Vespa means wasp? Makes sense, right?

2. Balsamic vinegar is just vinegar until its twelfth birthday. Plus, it must be made in Modena to really count.

3. Blackboard in Italian is "lavagna," which coincidentally is one of the towns we drive through all the time and is known for the tons of slate found naturally there and used for chalkboards. I'm not sure which came first.

4. It takes about 100 kilos of olives to make 20 of oil.

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