Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel Notes: Mykonos (the good part)/Delos/Naxos

Highlights from the trip post scary Mykonos hostel experience:

1. Have Lamb Ampelourgo (wrapped in grape leaves and stuffed with carrots, cheese and onions) for dinner. Make friends with the owner, "Uncle Nikolai."

2. We spend the evening wandering around the quaint, winding streets of the town. The buildings are bright white and accented by cheerful colored doors and window panes.

3. Go to Delos in the morning. An amazing island where Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis. I love this place. So much history crammed into such a very tiny space. No permanent population. The Delian League created a law back in the day that no one could be born or die here! We climb Mt. Kythnos. More of a big hill, but the views of the Cyclades islands and Delos ruins are still awesome.

4. Watch the sunset under the famous windmills back at Mykonos. Enjoy a picnic of leftovers (lamb sandwich) and red wine.

5. Two bottles of wine later...we decide to hit the town. Despite it being the off-season now, Mykonos still lived up to its reputation as a massive party island.

6. We spend the next day recovering from our dance party the night before. Catch a ferry to Naxos in the afternoon.

7. First day in Naxos consists of sleeping and watching Greek television in our hostel (meaing random American TV shows with Greek subtitles and lots of BBC).

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