Monday, June 14, 2010

Travel Notes: Eating and Walking Hong Kong

Sooo...I meant to write something about this trip months ago, but now here I am...having just returned from another trip (to Japan) and now already planning the next one.

Luckily, this was an extremely memorable yet ridiculously simple weekend in one of Asia's food capitals (I still stand by the fact that Taipei wins as number ONE though), which can basically be summed up as just eating followed by walking...followed by more eating and then more walking. With little time for digestion as there was actually often simultaneous eating AND walking.

Some highlights:

My dear friend Mike's birthday meal/our first meal in Hong Kong/duck fat! Mmm.

Late night walk to the Star Ferry for a view of the very dazzling, very 80s HK skyline.

Pork bun treat!

Followed by more walking around in search of pork buns.

Followed by eating more pork buns.

Walking around The Peak. Pretty!

Walking around Repulse Bay. More pretty!

Lunch at the American Restaurant, which was named to attract American sailors when it opened right after WWII. So, I figured it only made sense to bring my American sailor, right?

Walking around Hong Kong Park. Turtles and birds!

Massive HK$860 meal at Yung Kee.

Stroll through the markets.

Another walk, another park. Flamingoes at Kowloon.

A proper farewell to our eating/walking tour of Hong Kong. Dim sum at Maxim's.