Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goals: Santorini

We just arrived in Santorini. The dusty brown cliffs of the caldera look very drab against this cloudy sky. Still an awe-inspiring scene taking the s-curves up the steep cliffs from the port to our hostel Stelio's Place at the black-sanded Perissa beach. There's a really classy pool here. It feels like South Beach for only 13 euro a night.

Some goals I was contemplating on the ferry ride over:

1. Befriend a donkey.

2. Find and eat tomato balls (I read in a Greek cookbook the other day that the island is known for them).

3. Stare into the face of an active volcano.

4. Find a Starbucks for Pris (this girl can't handle another cup of instant NesCafe, which seems to be the drink of choice for locals).

5. Watch a sunset at Oia and drink a toast to our gal pals Jenny and Liz (and of course the rest of the girls of 468).

We have three nights here. I think these should be doable.

Off to downtown Fira for dinner...if only we can figure out when the bus comes.


  1. Hi Ashley! Jessica sent me the link to your blog. This is very cool. Jessica and I were in Santorini in May 2008. She loved the greek yogurt too, but I couldn't put enough honey in it.
    Lynn Miller

  2. can i be included in your next toast? just because i don't live in 468 doesn't mean i wasn't one of the original members of the brothel. wish i were with you guys causing trouble. -j.r.r.

  3. I said "and of course the rest of the girls of 468"! Jenny and Liz went to Greece together and recommended to us a romantic evening viewing the Oia sunset. You can give me travel advice too, and I will ensure you receive proper credit. :)

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  5. Santorini became one of the first destinations that I thought to go for vacations and explore. Excellent place, I would like to watch sunsets there.