Friday, October 16, 2009

The Three Hour Scenic Rollercoaster Ride AKA We Missed Our Stop Three Hours Ago

My dear friend Jenny has a philosophy about "losing" things that I really appreciate and think applies well to many of the predicaments we've encountered in Greece.

She "lost" her camera a while back, but insists that it's not actually "lost" because she just refuses to look for it. I love this idea.

Pris and I are not "lost" right now...approaching our fourth hour on a bus through the mountains of Naxos. We're just not actively trying to make our way back to the village we missed several stops back and are instead just enjoying the ride.

A few lovely sites we would have missed today had we gotten off at the right stop:
1. Many adorable baby sheep, goats and donkeys. We just drove by a little cow peeing.

2. The high school aged boy who called Pris "very beautiful!!!" as he exited the bus.

3. The friendly bus assistant man who informed me that the cute goats I was photographing would be "tomorrow...kill! Kill!" (As he made a thrashing motion across his throat and then mimed the universal sign for eating as he joyfully brought an invisible spoon to his lips several times).

4. What must be the scariest, steepest, windiest roads in Greece.

5. Impressive bus driving skills. How have we not crashed into the side of a mountain yet?

6. Little beach cafe at Appolonos where the bus took a 20 min break before circling back to our original destination. Had Greek coffee, fried eggplant, and Kalitsounia (flaky turnovers filled with salty, tangy mezithra cheese).

7. A lot of awesome Greek pop music.

This trip is slowly teaching me to detach from plans and expectations. It's hard to get upset about the potential for getting "lost" when you're surrounded by so much beauty and such intriguing new experiences, people and sights. There really are no wrong turns.

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