Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel Notes: Leaving Athens for Mykonos

This one was a big travel day...not much else:

1. Made a solo trip across the street from the hostel (managed not to get lost) to get a quick glimpse of Temple of Zeus and Arch of Hadrian.

2. Took train to Piraeus port. Successful trip with no navigational complications. Discover the only ferries leaving for Mykonos are from Rafina on opposite end of town. Scenic route!

3. About two and a half hours later, find a nice spot in Rafina for boiled octopus in vinegar, fried cod with garlic mash and a typical Greek salad with delicious block of feta (36 euro with drinks). Served halva with candied grapes (we weren't big fans of this homemade dessert, but at least it was free).

4. Five-hour ferry ride. Mostly napping. Thank God (actually Joey) for 31 episodes of This American Life.

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