Friday, November 13, 2009

Travel Notes: Demnate/Iminifri

The sights:

1. Hike through the Grotto's Mouth. Geological structure that reminds us of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. Streams. Dripping stalagmites (Stalactites? Stalagtites?). The two sides of the gorge are said to represent two forbidden lovers whose interlocked hands on either side were turned to stone.

2. Two hourish leisurely walk to town along a quiet road carved through the foothills of the Atlas mountains.

3. Meet our "friend" Samir (who works at the hotel and speaks Spanish), and he shows us around Demnate. I should note that we've learned a little from the lesssons of Marrakech and explained upfront to him that we were not interested in paying for the services of a tour guide.

He still wanted to hang with us! We gave him 40 dirham when we left to show our appreciation for all his help and the kindness of the Berber people. However, there was a little confusion in settling our hotel bill, and I think we still got ripped off...but not by much this time.

4. Beef tagine for lunch. There's a row of small restaurants here who all compete for the best tagine in town. Apparently there is one tagine restaurant for about every 40 people.

5. Climb a big mountain. Proud moment for a couple of amateur rock climbers.

6. Chicken tagine for dinner. Mini tour of kitchen and lesson on tagine cookery. There's four or five separate mixes of spices that go into just one tagine!

7. Samir helps us find a bus to the desert in the morning.
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