Friday, November 13, 2009

More Sheep Face, etc.

Our last night in Marrakech we went back to the Medina (that's what they call the walled in city) square to find some cheaper eats again.

We went to another busy looking stall with a row of sheep heads in the front. We ordered:

1. Tanjia: stew with tons of spices and also tastes pretty lemony, a well-known dish from this area of Morocco; they said it was lamb, but we're pretty sure it was more sheep.

2. Sheep brain: tasted like egg yolk, rich buttery textured, nicely spreadable on the flat bread.

3. Sheep tongue: surprisingly delicious and not an icky texture at all.

4. Sheep mammary: nothing too special...don't totally understand what we were eating here; maybe I have the translation wrong.

5. More cups of free mint/sugar tea: there were a few more shopkeepers after our "friend" Khalid who offered us free tea throughout the day. I felt weird turning it down because of my severe fear of dirty water. Luckily, my bowels are doing quite well, even after about six cups in one day! I think I'm safe!

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