Friday, November 13, 2009

I Got Yelled at by a Snake Charmer

On our way to get our bread breakfast, we passed some snake charmers pleading us to take photos.
I told him I only had a dirham on me (which was true), and he said I could pay what I wanted and that was fine.
So I took some photos, and he kept chasing us with snakes and having us take more photos.
Then I handed over a dirham and was ready to go on my merry snake charmed way.
But then the man flipped out on me for not offering enough. I've never seen anyone go so quickly from charming snake charmer to hateful angry eyed screamer.
There's nothing like getting yelled at in the middle of a busy square by a man holding snakes.
I just can't get used to these Moroccan business transactions.
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