Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Secret Agent Man

So it turns out that Youssef and everyone else have suspicions that Abdell, our fellow tourist friend from Casablanca, is a member of the royal family's special police brigade.

Or perhaps he's a distant relative of the king who just wanted to get away from the pressured royal life and live among the common people for a relaxing desert getaway.

He told us he's some kind of trader who buys and sells all kinds of goods, from radios to clothing.

I guess he kept sneaking off to make secret phone calls and apparently introduced himself to us with all different names. Lots of questionable behavior and unaligned stories.

My guess is that he's just a regular drug dealer.

Who knows. But what a fun adventure!

He gave us his email, so we're going to try to track him down when we go to Casablanca.

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