Sunday, November 8, 2009

I´m in Milano, Bitch (get the song...)

I only had a few hours in Milan, so I made my way to the world´s largest Gothic cathedral. It took about 600 years to finish! And there are about 3,400 statues, 1,355 spires and 155 gargoyles. It was pretty tacky, but in a pretty way.

I didn´t have time to run to Da Vinci´s Last Supper, so I had a leisurely last lunch in Italy instead. Went to a place called Trattoria da Pino, which has a three course lunch with a bottle of aqua frizzante (my fave) or wine for 15 euros. When I arrived it was filled with chatty local businessmen. Seemed like a good sign...and it was.

You sit at communal tables, so I got to practice my five words of Italian on a few suited up gentlemen.

I informed the waitress that this was my last meal in Italy, and I wanted it to be special. Bring me the most interesting, very Milanese dishes the chef has!

She brought out linguine with pesto (fresh, bright pesto made with veggies...tasted like celery in a good way), roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. Not exactly the super exciting, original meal I was expecting, but it was very tasty. It felt like homecooking. Plus, all the men around me were eating basically the same thing, so I guess that´s a good sign too.

Sadly though, I brought leftovers with me on the plane to Barcelona, and someone at the hostel ate them out of our shared fridge the next day.

When I thought I lost my iPod in Greece, I didn´t even care. No worries! But this...stealing someone´s food? So unacceptable. Who does that?! There goes the yogic cool I took all these months to harness.

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