Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolve in the New Year

It's still New Year's Day back in the States, so I feel like I'm not quite too late to be posting New Year's resolutions. 2009 was a big year for me, so I have high hopes for 2010. A few goals (not necessarily in chronological order):

1. Speak Mandarin.
2. Buy a bike.
3. Learn to bike.
4. Ride my bike across Taiwan.
5. Practice > 365 hours of yoga.
6. Pay more attention (to my surroundings, my loved ones and the environment).
7. Never stop surprising myself.
8. Travel to India.
9. Climb up things (like rocks). Dive into things (like oceans). Walk up things (like mountains and 101-floored skyscrapers).
10. Make someone else's life better.

I've had a lot of time to reflect on this past year, and I realize that it was a huge opportunity for personal growth. I think 2008 me would barely recognize 2009 me. These past 12 months I focused a lot on myself and tried to figure out what I needed to be happy, which I think is important. However, this also meant it was a year of selfishness and narcissism. Since I'm still in my "early twenties," I think that's OK.

But now that I'm quickly approaching "mid twenties," I think I should change that. If I fail at all of my resolutions over the next year, I hope that I will at least keep in mind the last.


  1. 365 hours of Yoga?! That is an excellent resolution if I do say so myself. I enjoy Yoga very very much, and hope that traveling means I can enjoy it even more in the craziest of places. I take it, it is easy to find Yoga classes to join while you're traveling? I hope so. While I am okay at practicing Yoga by myself in my own private home, I prefer the class environment and hope to find some great Yoga studios in Seoul.

    I used to go to Back Bay Yoga in Boston. Did you practice at all when you were living in Boston? I'd have to say it has been my favorite Yoga studio yet, so if you ever get back there you should check it out!


  2. cheng- i miss you so much!!

    could you please not dive into things? and be careful when climbing up things??? i want you intact when you get back to the motherland.



  3. you already succeeded at #10 simply by existing!
    still, i like all of your resolutions.
    <3, julia

  4. @Dreamer I never made it to Back Bay Yoga but heard only great things about that place. I practiced at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, which I completely fell in love with. I totally replaced my last boyfriend with a yoga studio. Good luck in Seoul!

    @Nando I AM in my motherland. I'll do my best not to break myself though.

    @Julia Thanks! Guess I only have nine more to go then. I did, however, just realize how completely narcissistic this whole blog post is...and this whole blog. Oh well.