Saturday, December 5, 2009

Independence Day (or Happy One Year Anniversary)

Today marked my one year anniversary as a single lady. Is it completely narcissistic that I'm celebrating a year of being with myself?

If so, I don't care. After seven years of back-to-back long-term relationships, it feels good knowing that I can stand (pretty much) on my own and be happy. Anyway, I am nowhere near where I thought I'd be one year and a day ago...emotionally, professionally, physically or geographically.

Back then I probably would have guessed that today would have been spent:

1. Literally freezing in Boston.
2. Working as an account supervisor at the top PR agency in the world -- in a sense, my dream job.
3. Having brunch with the girls and reminiscing over our college days.
4. Practically married, playing with my dog, baking rugelach and planning Chanukkah festivities.
5. In bed by 11 p.m. and looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday and watching Meet the Press with my man.

Instead, I spent today:

1. Enjoying a sunshiny 70 degrees in Taipei.
2. Not studying for my Mandarin quiz on Monday because I figure my time is better spent chatting with locals than staring at a textbook. Also, practicing yoga at my new studio like it's my job...more time well-spent as most classes are taught entirely in Chinese. In addition to my continued obsession with yoga, I have now also taken on indoor rock climbing.
3. Watching an awesome documentary about the life of backpackers in a room full of strangers or people who were strangers to me just a week ago. Followed by dinner at Japanese ramen spot.
4. Brainstorming what to bring to the public potluck/music circle event I'm attending tomorrow at the park down the street from my apartment.
5. In bed by 5 a.m. after an exhausting/joyful evening of karaoke and then dancing with my closest acquaintances on this continent: a group of amazing women from Taiwan, Thailand and France.

So, friends, if you ever find yourself in a less than desirable life situation, just wait a year! Who knows. You could end up on the other side of the world making friends out of strangers everyday, eating things you hated as a child and forgetting how to speak proper English.

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  1. as an executive at a top pr firm, working in what is, in essence, my dream job... all i have to say to you cheng is -- f*ck you.

    but not really. so proud of you.